Easy Guide to Install WordPress on Shared Webhosting

After you have purchased Hawkhost webhosting, follow this simple guide to install wordpress on one of your website. With Cpanel procedure you can install wordpress within 5 minutes 🙂

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Step 1: Open Softaculous App Installer using Cpanel

With Hawkhost you will have cpanel access which is most easy administrative dashboard to control your website and hosting account. If we compare with other manual methods cpanel is the easiest one as you can manage all the installations from single panel.

To open cpanel with Hawkhost follow these steps:


  • After client area goto Services and under services select your active package.
  • You will then be taken to Manage Product page, there you have to scroll down and click on cpanel under one click login.
  • Clicking on this link would take you to cpanel. In order to install wordpress from this dashboard, scroll down to Softaculous Apps Installer and from there click to install wordpress.

installing wordpress on hawkhost

  • On next screen you would find Install Now option, click on it.
  • In software setup screen, select protocol, domain/addon domain from drop down menu and directory. If you want to install on root domain then remove wp from directory area.
  • Under site settings you can choose your site name and description describing your blog/website.
  • Select admin username and password which would be used later to access wordpress dashboard to create and manage new content.
  • Ignore any other options available and proceed to install, this would install wordpress on your selected domain.
  • Now your wordpress installation is complete.

Step 2: Using WordPress and Configurations

Below I have mentioned some basic settings with some important plugins to ensure quick page loads:

  • After you have installed wordpress, you can manage it by visiting yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/
  • Under wordpress dashboard you will find several tabs from which you can customise your wordpress setup.
  • In Appearance tab you can install or change default theme and select your favourite one. I won’t be covering this part as this the most straight forward.
  • As Hawkhost web hosting runs on Litespeed servers, you can utilise Litespeed caching by installing Litespeed cache plugin from Plugins tab. Litespeed caching ensures quick page loads by caching all your pages and serving directly to your site visitors.
  • Unlike other caching plugins, Litespeed cache plugins do not come with minify options so you have to install separate plugin to do this work.
  • There are enough good free options for this part but I would recommend Autoptimize plugin which works great with Litespeed cache. Autoptimize minifies HTML, CSS and JS. Under Autoptimze settings you also have CDN settings so you can configure CDN URL if you are using third party CDN services.
  • You should also change default permalinks settings to some good SEO option like postname or postname.html option.
  • You may also install Jetpack plugin which helps you with no. of services like visitor stats, share buttons, comments, image photon, contact forms and many other useful features.

Step 3: Posting with WordPress

After wordpress settings, you can now operate normally. Adding new posts to your wordpress website is most easy part.

Under Posts tag, you should select add new option to create new content on your blog. While creating posts you will have tens of options like adding media, linking to other relevant webpages wherever necessary and other features packed with wordpress. You can schedule future posts as well under Publish settings.

Write content, add images, categorise it right and tag when necessary, After this click on publish and your new webpage would be available to billions of humans 🙂

WordPress is packed with tons of features and settings by default. Different websites have different requirements and this helps in creating a complete unique website.

I hope my tutorial have helped you in installing wordpress in most easy way. You can share this with your friends or bookmark this page for your future needs 🙂